Moving to a Nice Place Feels Really Good

I had long considered that I would live a pretty ordinary life without much luxury. I didn’t think about it often, but it had come to mind at times. I always thought luxury apartments for Buckhead citizens was for other people and not for me simply because I didn’t think that I could afford one. But I went to visit a coworker, I asked him how he was able to afford such a nice place since we both make the same amount of money. He looked surprised at first, and then he smiled and said the place he was living is luxurious but the price is not high at all. He told me how much rent he paid, and I knew that I wanted to look into renting a place there, too.

I should have looked around some more at places to live back when I got my place, but I can be a little impatient. I just grabbed the first place that I looked at. In hindsight, I could have taken some time to look at places online and that would have saved me some time. I bet I could have looked at about 20 websites in about an hour and picked out a place that I liked even more. Knowing that there are luxury places that can be had for the same price I was paying meant there were probably lots more, but I liked the place where my friend lived and figured that would be fine.

I rented a two bedroom place there that costs the exact same in monthly rent that my one bedroom cost me monthly. This is really nice because I need the extra room. I can use it for working at night, and I can also put my workout equipment in that second room. It is really nice to walk in at night and immediately feel good because the place is so nice.